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Do you need help collecting and managing data for your next research project? Is your university preparing for the next REF cycle and you need help collecting data and ensuring the relevant impacts are captured? I can help you and your institution with a range of services- from data collection to data analysis and reporting.

Legal Research and Writing

Services I provide: 

Quantitative and qualitative data collection and data management

Implementation of strategies that can benefit your project in the short and long term.

Training and development

Data analysis, mapping and reporting

Developing pilot studies

Why is research impact important?

For a while now, universities and funding institutions have been focusing on the beneficial changes that research brings to society. However, this is not enough, and academic staff often struggle to engage with impact: lack of time, limited knowledge in the area and poor institutional support are often the culprits.

Ways I can help

​If you find yourself overwhelmed by the number of tasks that need to be done, I can help relieve some of the stress. I can: 

Work with the academic staff to identify potential areas of non-academic dissemination, engagement and collaborations with other non-academic institutions to ensure their research is reaching a wider audience.


Provide detailed guidance and highlight the importance of incorporating impact throughout the stages of the research process.


Support academics in the development and preparation of impact activities for their REF impact case studies.


Maximise academic staff’s efforts to advance the impact of their research outcomes, including having one-on-one meetings and follow-ups.


Analyse and interpret qualitative and quantitative data for annual progress reports.


Involve relevant staff and enable cross-disciplinary connections with members of staff working in like-minded areas/ projects.



"Mariana Roccia conducted research and wrote an impact report commissioned by the University of Gloucestershire entitled “Changing lives and professional practice: a report on the impact of ecolinguistics”. The report played a central role in evidencing impact in a Research Excellence Framework case study.

The quality of the research was outstanding, with detailed qualitative and quantitative research carried out through questionnaires, face-to-face interviews and email interviews. It was presented beautifully, with great clarity and exceptional use of tables and charts. Mariana’s report examined a vast amount of data, captured the essence of the impact, and expressed it concisely, clearly and precisely.” 

—Prof Arran Stibbe, University of Gloucestershire 

"Mariana's neat and high-quality contribution was central to the project... Her academic and professional skills are outstanding.”

—Dr Domingo Román Montes de Oca, Universidad de Santiago de Chile

"I commissioned Mariana Roccia, through the University of Gloucestershire, to create an analysis of the impact of my project ‘The Hill’. The project was a book of poetry and a live multi-media show. It is notoriously difficult to show impact from creative work.

Mariana used audience reactions, emails, screenshots of social media, blogs, and reviews to produce a thematic analysis of impact which was cohesive and impressive. The diagramming of the collated responses clearly shows the pathways to impact from research quality to changes in practice and attitude. The service was swift and highly professional. I wholeheartedly recommend Mariana’s services.” 

—Dr Angela France, University of Gloucestershire

Get in touch and let's discuss your needs.

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