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How M.R. Language Services is Responding to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) global outbreak has brought unparalleled challenges overnight. Whilst we still do not know the long-term consequences of the pandemic, businesses around the world are doing the best they can to navigate this “new normal”.

At M.R. Language Services, I am committed to serving my clients during these challenging times and I continue to provide the highest quality service they deserve.  This involves going the extra mile in addressing any queries, prioritising urgent documents and ensuring a prompt delivery.

Since I believe that communication during these difficult times is key, you will find some useful Frequently Asked Questions regarding M.R. Language Services’ response to the pandemic in the section below.

For the latest information and guidance on COVID-19,  please visit the World Health Organisation website.

Keep safe and stay strong.


Mariana Roccia MA MA MCIL

Founder of M.R. Language Services

COVID-19 related FAQs:

“Are you still open for business?”  In line with the UK Government’s advice, M.R. Language Services has been working remotely and continues open for business.

“Have your business hours changed?” M.R. Language Services business hours are Monday to Friday 9.00-16.30 (BST). I usually respond to emails and messages within two hours of receiving them. If you have an urgent request, please indicate it in the message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

“I have some important documents I need to translate into Spanish. Is it ok to provide a scanned copy, or do I need to drop off the original documents as well?”  A clear digital soft copy will be sufficient so there is no need to drop off or post any original documents. Make sure your documents are legible, especially if you request an official translation. Here is a quick checklist for preparing your documents for official translation.

“I need a certified translation. Will you be able to post the translation back to me?” Absolutely. Royal Mail and other courier services remain open for business. Any documents that your request in hard copy will be posted to your preferred postal address.

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